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1. 求职

a. 假设

How to apply for a position at Safran?

  1. State your motivation (skills upgrading, career change, location flexibility, etc.)
  2. 更新个人简历,列明近期职业经历;根据申请职位,详述相关专业项目,调整求职自荐信
  3. Create a personal job search space
  4. Create job alerts in your personal job space
  5. 通过Personal job space apply for positions that match your career plan

Which browser should I use to create a personal job search space?

  • You can use any browser except Safari。
  • How many cover letters and resumes can I submit to Talent?
  • You can upload 1-3 resumes and up to 3 cover letters, but you can apply for more than 3 positions。

Can I delete cover letters or resumes for positions I have applied for?

  • Any used files in your personal job search space cannot be deleted, even if you are not employed。

  • However, you can modify the attachment and save the changes in your personal job search space。To do this, you can click How do I modify my attachment?", and then click the white board and pencil icon。You can download a new attachment and change its title name。 

  • Please note that if the attachment you wish to modify was used to apply for a previous position, but the application process has not yet been completed, the recruiter may see an unmodified version of the document。

When I create an account and upload attachments in my personal job search space, will the recruiters be able to see my information and documents?

  • Even if you haven't applied for any positions, creating an account is like applying for a job and recruiters will be notified immediately。

Whether you can delete an application or self-recommendation for a position?

  • After submitting an application, you cannot delete it, either for a position or as a referral, even if you are not accepted。If an error occurs, you may withdraw the application。

Can I modify the information in my job search space?

  • You can modify the information in the personal job search space。Once logged in, click View and Modify My Application information, and then click Modify My Information at the bottom of the page.。You can modify personal information and uploaded files。

How do I delete my account in my Job search space?

  • You can delete your personal account, whether it is used to receive job alerts or just to create a personal job search space。

  • If you have not filled out the application form and have not applied for any position, click Delete Personal Account。Your account will be deleted from the database。

  • If you are no longer in the job search phase, but want to keep your account in the personal job search space, you can choose to temporarily suspend your account。Your saved information will be stored in space, but recruiters will not be able to view your profile。

What should I do if the system prompts "Not all required fields have been filled in"?

  • If you have uploaded your CV and filled in all the required fields, you can send an email to[email protected]Ask for help。We recommend that you provide as much information as possible, especially screen shots, to better address the issues that arise。

What if I forget my login password?

  • If you know the email you used to create your account, click Forget Password and enter the email。You will receive login information via this email。

I cannot apply for a position through Talent website, what should I do?

  • You can ask for help,Please sendEmail to[email protected]。We recommend that you provide as much information as possible, especially screen shots, to better address the issues that arise。For example, you can simply send an error message that appears on the screen。

How can I seek assistance if I have problems using Talent?

  • If you need assistance with login problems or technical problems,Please sendEmail to[email protected]

In my job search space, my job search status is "In progress."。What does that mean?

  • A job application status that is "in progress" indicates that recruiters and administrators are reviewing your application

In the personal job space, my job status is "Added to talent pool." What does that mean?

  • If you are not accepted for the position you are applying for, but the recruiter believes that your abilities meet the needs of the group and may match other positions, your application will be selected for the talent pool。

How long will Safran take to respond to the job application?What should I do if I do not receive a reply?

  • The processing time for applications is 3-5 weeks。Depends on the number of applications the recruiter receives。Whatever the case may be, you都会Received a reply email。

How can I check the progress of my application?

  • You can check application progress through the personal job search space created。

If there is no position matching my profile, can I still apply?

  • Of course you can recommend yourself。However, the recruiter will give priority to applications for a specific position。Therefore, we strongly recommend that you apply for a specific position to maximize the chance that your profile will be viewed。

I have submitted my cover letter and resume through a forum. What should I do now?

  • Even if you submit your resume and cover letter to Safran staff through a forum or conference, we recommend that you create a personal space and apply for positions that match your profile。All applicants need to submit their applications through the platform and have them processed by the recruiter for the job。

Can I submit an application by email?Through social networking sites?

  • Safran complies with the General Data Protection Regulations。Data relating to job applications should be processed on a dedicated system。Recruiters' communications software is not one of these systems。However, you can submit your application directly through LinkedIn, Jobboards or our Talents platform。

How will Safran handle my personal information?

  • When you create a personal account, you accept the General Terms of Use。Click here to view:CGU。How does Safran handle personal information in this CGU clause。

  • The personal information you provide to Safran will be stored for two years from the last communication, unless you delete your personal account。

Can I see my personal information?

  • You may view your personal information stored by Safran at any time。To do this, you can log into the Personal Job search space, go to Download My Data, and then click the Apply My Archive option。The system will retrieve your archived information and send it to you via email。Your personal information remains associated with your account number。If you have created multiple accounts using multiple email addresses, you need to apply for each account created individually。

How do I delete my account and all my personal information from my job search space?

  • If you are no longer in the job search phase, but want to keep your account in your personal job search space, you can choose to temporarily deactivate your account or leave it idle。Your saved information will be stored in space, but recruiters will not be able to view your profile。

  • To apply for deleting a personal account, please send an email to[email protected]


b. 招聘

What is the recruitment process at Safran?

  1. The preliminary screening: Your application will be processed jointly by the hiring manager and the manager of the position you are applying for。You will receive a reply email。 If you are not accepted, your application will be selected into the talent pool and you will be contacted when a matching position becomes available。
  2. 面试: You will be interviewed by a hiring manager and one or more administrative staff members, including your potential future manager。You will receive a reply shortly after the interview。 
  3. 录取: If your application meets the requirements of the position, Safran will prepare a formal contract for your entry。 
  4. Congratulations and welcome to Safran!

Are there any positions available for people with disabilities?

  • For many years, Safran has pursued a disability non-discrimination policy in order to facilitate the participation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Labour market and maintain the principle of equal opportunity。As a result, each year Safran takes on people with disabilities, whether as interns, shift workers or even on permanent contracts。This willingness is illustrated by the Signing of the Persons with Disabilities Agreement in 2018, which aims to set out recruitment principles and give preference to persons with disabilities when faced with candidates with similar skills。

Whether there are internship opportunities abroad?Does Safran offer vies?

  • Safran is an international group with operations in many countries around the world。All positions are available on the "Jobs page" of the Safran website。


2. 账户

How the safran group.Create an account on the

  • To create an account, log in [Create account]Register with a valid email address。You can subscribe to Safran's newsletters and press releases through this account。

How do I get my password back?

  • Just click the【热博rb88体育下载】And enter the email address you used to create your account。You will then receive an email in this mailbox to reset your password。

How do I delete my account?

  • 如需删除您的账户,进入菜单栏【热博】>【热博rb88体育app】>【热博rb88体育app】。

How do I manage my subscriptions?

  • 登录您的账户后,进入菜单栏【热博】>【热博】,您可以在此处选择接收热博时事通讯的频率。

In the safran group.What information can be found on the web site?

  • 登录您的账户后,您可以下载与您账户相关的数据,Just click the菜单栏【热博】>【热博rb88体育app】>【热博rb88体育app】,便可以压缩包的格式导出您的数据。


3. 金融

I want to subscribe to Safran's financial newsletter. What should I do?

  • 点击菜单栏【热博】>【热博】>【热博】 > 选择一个【热博rb88体育app】发送频率,并选择【热博rb88体育app】主题,便可以收到热博的所有金融时事通讯。

How to join Safran Shareholder Club?

How to watch the replay of Safran agM?

I am a registered shareholder, who to contact?

  • You can contact: BNP Paribas Security Service department, CTS Emetteurs - Shareholders of Safran Group。Grand Moulins de Paris 9 Rue du Debarcadere 93 761 Pantin Cedex or call toll-free 0 826 100 374


4. Personal data

Whether Safran has a group personal data protection policy?

Does Safran have binding company rules for data processors?

  • Yes, Safran has had binding corporate rules (BCR controllers) since 2010 and the authority is reviewing them for 2020。The BCR controller allows the transfer of personal data of employees and contact information of business partners between all companies in the group, regardless of location。  Companies located outside the EU are committed to protecting and securing personal data from the EU and empowering data subjects。

Does Safran have binding company rules applicable to subcontractors?

  • Safran does not yet have a binding company rules processor (BCR processor) for subcontractors to allow the transfer of customer commissioned personal data to Safran subsidiaries located outside the European Union。


5. 供应商

Where can I find the group's 供应商 portal?

I'm looking for Safran CGA. Where can I find it?

I am looking for the certificate of a company under the group. Where can I find it?

Where can I find the purchasing relationship charter?

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