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Aircraft interiors

热博集团 offers a wide range of products for aircraft interiors, from passenger seats to integrated cabins, for all types of aircraft: business and commercial airplanes, military aircraft and helicopters.

System assembly of G4B 厨房


热博集团 offers everything needed to outfit aircraft cabins: overhead bins, 门, lavatories, 厨房, chariots and other food and beverage equipment, rest areas, containers, 等. To ensure top-flight quality, 热博集团 provides support services for cabins on all types of aircraft: mainline, regional and business. We design aircraft cabins as an integrated whole to provide unrivaled space and operating efficiency, while also making things easier for our customers, airlines and other operators and of course the passengers.


No. 1
in business and regional aircraft interiors
More than 400
airline customers
Business class seats assembly


热博集团 designs, assembles and certifies aircraft seats for crews and passengers. Our development strategy in this market is focused on the continuous improvement of seat comfort and ergonomic design. More than a million 热博集团 seats are being used today by aircraft fleets worldwide. We offer a complete range of products, including economy, premium economy, business and first class passenger seats, along with crew seats (flight attendants and pilots) and helicopter seats.
热博集团 naturally provides complete support to customers worldwide, covering the entire product lifecycle.


No. 1
supplier of commercial airplane seats worldwide (economy seats for widebody airplanes)
aircraft seats in service worldwide
RAVE In-Flight Entertainment System (I.F.E)

Passenger comfort

A recognized specialist in passenger comfort, 热博集团 offers innovative solutions to guarantee an agreeable flight experience and meet crew needs. We are also developing innovative in-flight entertainment systems within the scope of our “connected cabin” product line, a favorite of passengers. As a pioneer in complete systems for aircraft water and waste management, 热博集团 provides equipment designed to ensure effective air circulation and temperature control in the cabin. Furthermore, through our custom-tailored cabin offering, we provide cabin personalization and modification services for all customers, from airlines to heads of state.

No. 1
worldwide for aircraft water and waste management systems
2 million
passengers use the RAVE in-flight entertainment system
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